Monday, May 16


> SMOKEY THE BEAR has a Flickr photostream ~ link

ONLINE DEGREES come of age in Asia ~ NY Times

"FLORIDA LEGISLATION banning saggy pants at schools is sitting on the desk of Gov Rick Scott." That's one way to validate deviance. ~ link

MY SERMON on 1 Peter 2 from yesterday -- transcription ~ link

BUT what does Islam have to say about pornography? ~ link
I LOVE Monsters and am looking forward to Monsters University, the prequel coming in 2013 ~ link

I DIDN'T realize that Seattle Pacific University offers an MDiv degree. And it does not appear to be a totally new program there. (I guess I was dozing.) The experts keep predicting the decline of the MDiv but more and more schools keep adding it. ~ link

ARIZONA is so wasted --
State officials and supporters like to say Arizona has the first true medical marijuana program in the country - but it didn't take much for me to become a state-certified pothead. With the help of a naturopath and an out-of-state certification mill, I breezed through the application process and scored my very own medical marijuana card. ~ link
"REFORMED churches everywhere are switching from communion bread to these." (For the uninitiated, that is a theology joke. It plays off the TULIP acronym that some Reformed Calvinists use to summarize their theology. It's actually quite clever -- wish I'd thought of it.) ~ link

WHY Eugene Peterson's new book, The Pastor: A Memoir, is a must read for the church planting pastor:
...It became more and more clear that when God forms a church, he starts with the nobodies. That's the way the Holy spirit works. Those are the people he started with -- Zechariah and Elizabeth, Mary and Joseph, Anna and Simeon -- to bring our Savior into the world. why would he change strategies in bringing the salvation community, church, this congregation into formation?
IF I COULD have one technology wish -- it would be for a device that would neutralize the bass in the sound systems of the cars that drive through the neighborhood -- shaking the pictures on our walls and paining my ears. Suggestions?

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Unknown said...

Brad, they have this new technology that would be perfect for stopping the bass speakers...and it's ideally suited for Arizona. It's called a shotgun.