Tuesday, May 17


OUR SON Kent sent this video. You have to be pretty steeped in American church culture to fully appreciate the humor.

"DO MORE with less -- or things will get ugly" --
It's certainly not fair to ask developing countries to give up a chance at prosperity because we already used all the good stuff and want to keep using what's left. But those countries may ultimately have an easier time decoupling than developed nations since they can leapfrog older, inefficient technologies (i.e coal-fired power plants) for more resource efficient ones, such as solar power. It's easier to simply adopt efficient than to tear down existing infrastructure and start over. In 2050, we may be waving goodbye to an ascendant solar-powered Africa while we scrounge for one last lump of coal. ~ Ariel Schwartz
> ARIZONA GUN INCIDENT -- "Man shot in the head during road-rage incident" ~ link

ALASKA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE (love those guys up there!) is a finalist in Toyota’s "100 Cars for Good" program. Vote for them at www.facebook.com/toyota on Friday, May 20th and they could win a vehicle. On Friday, choose "100 Cars for Good" from the menu on the left side of the page, click on "Vote Now," which will show you a menu where you can "View Contestants."  Scroll down to "Alaska Christian College" -- click, and you’ll be able to view their video and see their story. If you go to this site today, you can schedule a reminder for the 20th -- but you’ll need to vote between 6 AM and 12 midnight EST on the 20th.

SO, IF we got a swimming pool, SRP would give us a $200 rebate on energy-efficient pool equipment. I wonder if I could apply the rebate to one of the kiddie pools I saw at Walmart. That's about as much pool as I can handle these days. But it looks like a good program if you're into grown-up pools. ~ SRP

AUSTRALIA'S UNIQUE approach to racial exclusion ~ link

FOR THE THIRD time this year, strong winds have lifted an inflatable bounce house in Arizona. No one was hurt by the flying bounce house this time. But there were other wind related injuries at the park. ~ KTAR

STEPHEN HAWKING says there is no heaven ~ AZ Central

N.T. WRIGHT responds to Stephen Hawking ~ ABC

NO NEED for Speed -- "Save your money, United Nations -- the developing world doesn't need broadband Internet to get ahead." ISTM, that the problem here is that we are thinking of broadband mostly in terms of computer speed. What will undoubtedly happen is that the hand-held devices (phones) will obtain higher speeds before most of the wired devices (computers). And that leap-frog over computers will work for the consumer. But larger than mom and pop size businesses will still need speed and bandwidth if they are going to be serious competitors in the global market. ~ Foreign Policy

"DISNEY applies for 'Seal Team 6' trademark" -- Wouldn't that be the defacto property of the US Navy and the people of the United States of America? ~ link

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