Tuesday, May 31


BRENT PEAK sent me a link to this Lego uke. Apparently it works but with alternative tuning. The whole thing is pretty clever, although I'm guessing that the tonal quality isn't too terrific. ~ link

AUSSIE STUDENT finds universe's 'missing mass' ~ link

BY STUDYING our Facebook habits we're getting a better handle on some of our cultural characteristics ~ CNN

WIND FARMS are sending a cash infusion into rural Oregon. ~ NY Times

HANGING OUT in San Diego with Cheryl (celebrating our 30th!) for a couple of days -- which is what Phoenicians do when they want a break from the desert (only a six hour drive). One of the things I like about San Diego is that almost everything tropical will grow there -- but without the humidity. I actually saw a sprouting coconut tree this time -- although I suspect it isn't consistently warm enough for it to fully mature and reproduce. We plan to be back in Phoenix today.

I SAID hafa adai to the Ko'ko' bird we saw at the San Diego Zoo yesterday. He's hoping you all will get rid of all those nasty Brown Tree Snakes so he can go home.

MAKE A SOLAR CHARGER that fits into an Altoid box for under $20. Recharge devices that utilize USB connections. ~ link (via)

CURRENT WEATHER pattern suggests a late start to Arizona's monsoon season ~ link

UNIVERSITY OF GUAM scientists have been awarded a USDA grant to release predatory mites onto the island. ~ link

D-BACKS go peanut free -- at least for a day. Why have so many people so quickly become allergic to peanuts? ~ link

TRANSCRIPTION OF MY SERMON from 1 Peter 3 delivered Sunday is online ~ link

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