Monday, June 20

Libertarian Paradise

Via Beth Bilynskyj. This humorously makes the point well. Yes, I realize that the term "teabagger" is offensive to some people and if I were labeling the video I would have avoided it. I also realize that Somalia is a tragedy beyond libertarianism and that libertarianism isn't the same as anarchy (although, I might suggest that libertarian ideals pushed to the extreme creates a form of anarchy that benefits those who have accumulated wealth and power). But sometimes hyperbole makes the point best.


Josh said...

This reminds me of a June 4 NY Times op-ed column by Nicholas Kristof that compares Pakistan with the fantasy nation of many Republicans: low taxes, limited government, strong military, harsh treatment of criminals, etc.

Eric said...

Simply disgusting and absolutely racist against the poor people of Somalia. I understand everyone gets a good laugh at the expense of a group Africans nobody cares about. God bless the racist left and right scum of America!

Brad Boydston said...

The thing is that the Somalians know that they've got problems and they see the inconsistencies in their system. No one is laughing at Somalia -- or at their expense.