Friday, June 3


FROM TAIWAN-- be amazed.

THANKS TO the Salvation Army today is National Doughnut Day -- many calorie outlets have freebies today. ~ Huff

MY IDEAL PRESIDENTIAL candidate would be a statesman (or stateswoman) who can get things done, working both sides of the aisle -- with grace around the world -- an articulate thinker -- reputation for integrity-- a straight shooter who doesn't run his mouth -- a centrist not given to the extremes on either the left or the right -- not a shoot-from-the-hips yahoo. Suggestions?

199 ARCHAIC OCCUPATIONS. Fascinating. ~ link

SOUTHEAST ARIZONA is on fire. ~ link

IT'S GOOD to see that two of the newer Lutheran groups in the US, the NALC and LCMC, are developing a mutual and working relationship. ~ link

THE COMMON ENGLISH BIBLE (CEB) to be released in September will include the Apocrypha books ~ link

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