Friday, June 17


BABY BOB CATS in Fountain Hills (Phoenix suburb to the northeast). We stayed at Jeff and Mary Johnson's condo in Fountain Hills when we first moved back to Arizona. We saw lots of javelina but no bob cats. This would be a fun surprise. ~ link

"MANY OF THE STUDENTS who earn bachelor's degrees from community colleges earn higher salaries than their counterparts from public, four-year universities, because the community colleges' curricula are tailored to well-paying jobs waiting for them upon graduation." ~ CHE

JAKE SHIMABUKURO is now a married man. ~ link

I HAVEN'T BEEN able to download the Android app, or to play music off the Droid browser -- yet, but the Music Beta is still my new favorite Google thing. All my music is now in the cloud and I can grab it from anywhere -- and any machine -- except, of course, my Droid. Well, it is a beta -- and it is free.

IT'S INTERESTING that el presidente Hugo Chávez couldn't trust anyone in Venezuela to do his surgery. He had to go to Cuba. ~ link

ONE FEWER banking option -- "Capital One to buy ING online bank" ~ BBC

UNBELIEVABLE -- The Kindle edition of the new Common English Bible does not have an index or table of contents page -- which renders it nearly useless. To get to the book of Revelation you'd have to click the page turn button about 1,500 times. They have got to fix that -- and quickly.

FORMER LABOR SECRETARY Robert Reich does a good job of explaining the problems with the economy -- and in less than 2 minutes, 15 seconds --

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