Sunday, June 26


"UTAH KFC asks customers to drink soda to support diabetes research" -- Okay, that's interesting. ~ link

CHRISTIANITY TODAY has a wonderful interview with Bishop Kallistos Ware. Here is his answer to the question "What is the center of the Christian message?"
I believe in a God who loves humankind so intensely, so totally, that he chose himself to become human, Therfore, I believe in Jesus Christ as fully and truly God, but also totally and unreservedly one of us, fully human... The love of God is so great that Christ died for us on the cross. But love is stronger than death, and so the death of Jesus was followed by his resurrection. I am a Christians because I believe in the great love of God that led him to become incarnate, to die, and rise again. That's my faith. All of this becomes immediate to us through the continuing action of the Holy Spirit. ~ CT
"IN THE NEW INDIA mastery of English and high academic credentials trump caste..." ~ CT

A NEWLY-DISCOVERED asteroid is projected to pass only 12,000 kilometers (7,500 miles) above Earth's surface at about 6:30 AM PDT, tomorrow, Monday, June 27th . ~ link

RESEARCH: "Culture shapes our neurological wiring but it’s not permanent. Cross-cultural experiences can change neurological activations." ~ link

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