Wednesday, June 29


LEARN "HANDS-ONLY" CPR in two minutes

"NEW ONLINE OPEN NEWSROOM a hit for Swedish newspaper... Norran, a large regional daily in the north of Sweden, has opened up its newsroom with a tool called eEditor, a live chat powered by CoverItLive where readers can discuss story ideas with journalists in real time." I wonder if it is sustainable once the novelty wears off and people move on to the next thing. And based on the way that American readers comment on published news stories, I wonder if it is even feasible in the US -- if we have high enough IQs to think through stories from more than one angle. ~ link (via)

YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE -- leaping sharks ~ link

I'M SORRY that I'm not at the annual meeting of the Covenant this week. I miss being at the hub and with my friends and colleagues. I'm not sorry that I'm not having to adjust to the 7,500 feet altitude. (I feel pretty lousy for the first six or seven days whenever I go to the Rockies.) I can do it if necessary but since our church isn't an organized member yet we don't have any delegate slots, anyway. ~ link

"THE CHURCH is not a fortress, but a force." ~ Ruth Hill

"OBAMA BEATS PALIN in Alaska, poll shows" -- She'll definitely be loading up the U-Haul for Arizona now. ~ Huff

FOX NEWS at it again -- "Love the fact that this story has nothing to do with weed yet there's a pic of it on the map." ~ Lydia Guzman

HOUSE CHURCH isn't enough ~ link

BIZ LEAVING TWITTER -- I like his outlook:
Stone, 37, said Tuesday on his blog that he will work with the company "for many years to come," but that the most effective use of his time now is to "get out of the way" of Twitter's crew and leadership team until he's called upon to be of some specific use. 
Stone says he plans to focus on helping schools, nonprofits and company advisory boards. He's also relaunching Obvious Corp. with fellow Twitter co-founder Evan Williams to develop new projects. ~ link

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