Wednesday, July 6


WE HAD a massive dust storm ("haboob") last evening with wind gusts at 80 MPH (for comparison sake, that is equivalent to a Category I Hurricane). About 45 minutes after the wall of dust blew through and the rain was done -- they interrupted the television broadcast with a storm warning from the National Weather Service. They still haven't quite got this warning system thing down, yet. I'm sure there will be more opportunities in the future. (photo)

CHECK OUT the incredible time-lapse images of the approaching wall of dust ~ Scott Wood Photography

ENGLISH BISHOP tells pastors to cut services down to 50 minutes. Church specialist Todd Rhoades says even that is too long and is calling for 9 minute sermons. What do you think? ~ link

THE FIRST SOLAR-COOLED light rail stop debuts at the Third and Washington streets station in Phoenix today. The station will utlize "solar power with air from NRG Energy's Northwind downtown cooling system to cool the stop for passengers waiting on the Metro light rail." Cool! ~ link

ROBERT H SCHULLER has been voted off the board of the Crystal Cathedral, the church he planted in 1955. ~ link

IF YOU thought like a missionary (and you should)... link

INDIANA SCHOOLS no longer required to teach cursive writing ~ link

DIABETES problem in the Western Pacific Islands is worsening ~ link

SO, PRETTY SOON Blogger will be history -- sort'a ~ WP

HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to my father, Horace, and brother-in-law Charlie Bickerton. We're taking my father out for dinner tonight at Ted's Hot Dogs. Charlie, who lives in NorCal will have to wait for his.

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