Tuesday, July 12


NATIONS RISE AND NATIONS FALL -- Watch 1,000 years of change on the European map in five minutes. It is pretty humbling for those who think that they're building something that will be impervious to change.

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MY TWO MAIN CONCERNS with politicians in Arizona is their apparent lack of common sense and their obsession with guns -- a lethal combination.
Republican Sen. Lori Klein was showing off her raspberry-pink handgun when she aimed it at a journalist who was interviewing her in the lounge just outside the Senate chambers. 
According to the story that was published Sunday in the Arizona Republic, Klein's .380 Ruger was loaded and did not have a safety to keep the gun from going off. 
But Klein told the reporter, Richard Ruelas, that he didn't need to worry because, "I just didn't have my hand on the trigger." ~ link
"TO WORK WITH a 'not proven option in theology is not to succumb to theological indifference or relativism..." ~ Richard Mouw

ABC RADIO NATIONAL is doing a series of stories to commemorate the 100th birthday of Marshall McLuhan (July 21st). McLuhan, a Canadian, was the one who figured out the whole "global village" thing and its implications before anyone else really saw it coming. ~ ABC

NASA has figured out how to turn urine into a "tasty sports drink." When I was a kid Americans flew pioneering flights into outer space. But now we just make sports drinks. I suppose that with the space program winding down they needed something else more profitable to do. ~ GlobalPost

"IN REPEATING the 'missional' truth that 'God is a sender,' we've failed to say, 'Here I am. Send me.'" ~ Ed Stetzer

"SUPREMELY RIDICULOUS" says a spokesman for Gov Jerry Brown at the announcement of yet another proposal to carve out a 51st state from like-minded counties in "South California." Noticeably absent from the proposal is the left leaning Los Angeles County. "'It's a supremely ridiculous waste of everybody's time,'spokesman Gil Duran told the LA Times. 'If you want to live in a Republican state with very conservative right-wing laws, then there's a place called Arizona.'" ~ link

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