Wednesday, July 20


ONE OF THE cool things about being a Fuller Seminary alum is that I can audit classes for free. But I've never lived anywhere close enough to a campus or center to take advantage. However, much to my delight, I'm taking a two week intensive class from Fuller Seminary in Phoenix. Judith Lingenfelter is teaching Insights for Cultural Understanding. It would be hard to find a finer teacher.

THE GOVERNORS OF the CNMI & Guam are still working on a unification proposal. I'm convinced that some kind of union could bring about long-term benefits to both territories. The parallel challenge to the political process is to get these cousins who have competed and resented so much for so long to start looking out of the good of each other. United they stand, divided they each struggle to crawl. ~

RESURRECTION MINDSET -- "If you believe your qualities are carved in stone it will determine how you approach (and avoid) challenges throughout your life. If you believe that growth is possible and desirable, you will face your days with a fundamentally different set of thoughts and emotions." ~ John Ortberg,

PEOPLE ARE SCAMMING THE US government through the purchase of $1 coins. Come on people -- where is your sense of patriotism? Don't say that you're concerned with the national debt when you're manipulating the system like this for your personal gain? We need some grassroots restraint. At the very least, put those coins into circulation where they're going to save Uncle Sam some money. ~ link

"'MISSIONAL' does not mean creating churches for disillusioned evangelicals. If we aren’t seeing new disciples of Jesus made who weren’t part of churches before, then we are simply creating a new form of consumer churches based on our own preferences and personal theological needs." ~ Dan Kimball

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