Saturday, July 23


"PROFILE: The Christian Extremist Suspect in Norway's Massacre" ~ The Atlantic

A Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ. Jesus advocated non-violent responses to evil (turn the other cheek, loving enemies, etc). Therefore, a "Christian extremist" is someone who is extremely non-violent. Based on his alleged actions Anders Behring Breivik is not even a Christian -- let alone a "Christian extremist."

If we who are Christians would be more consistent in our own peace-making there wouldn't be room for confusion.

REBUTTAL to the latest batch of anti-Obama lies. You don't have to like him, agree with him, or vote for him. (I'm not sure who I'll vote for next time.) But, no matter what, libel is unacceptiible. ~ link

"HOW TO TURN Republicans and Democrats Into Americans: An insider’s six-step plan to fix Congress" -- The legislative system itself is the problem in need of reform. ~ The Atlantic (via)

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