Monday, August 1


THE US NAVY is considering using Google+ as an intranet. ~ USA Today

THE CRYSTAL CATHEDRAL isn't the only religious institution in financial trouble. The historic Betusin Buddhist Temple in Fresno, California is on the market for $1.1 million. There used to be lots of devout Japanese Buddhists in Fresno. ~ link (via)

"FBI Investigating New Suspect In 1971 DB Cooper Plane Hijacking" -- Hasn't the statute of limitations on that crime expired? ~ link

A SERMON FIRST -- at least for me. We put a YouTube video of yesterday's sermon (1 John 2:18-29) up on the Fresh Fish Food blog. It's not a particularly dynamic sermon -- and it's a little too long (30 minutes) in my book -- but our cameraman Jeffrey Currivean did an especially good job of positioning himself so that the backlight wasn't such an issue. And the sound came out alright, too. We use a little Flip camera.

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xuefen said...

Yes, Jeff had done a nice job on the YouTube video of yesterday's sermon. Like it! Help me to say hello to him and everyone in the church, please.