Wednesday, August 10



I JUST DISCOVERED a full-size healthy cantaloupe of which I was previously unaware, hiding in the foliage of the melon patch. Sometimes we're oblivious to the fruit of our labor until it is developed. Sometimes it may just be better that way.

IMMIGRATION IS CHANGING the face of America in many ways. For example, the average US household size has begun to grow for the first time in a half-century (16% of households are multigenerational). There are so many demographic changes. We can't afford to pretend that we're living in the 1990's! ~ USA Today

FINALLY A DOCTORATE that pays huge dividends -- "'Lucky' woman who won lottery four times outed as Stanford University statistics PhD" ~ link

THE LATEST MasterPiece Church BrushStrokes newsletter is online ~ link

FANS OF PIETISM will enjoy this. Moravian Bishop Spangenberg's "EXPOSITION of CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE, As Taught In The Protestant Church of the UNITED BRETHREN, OR, UNITAS FRATRUM" -- online -- free. ~ link (.pdf) (via)

NASA says we might all be the aliens. So, they think that life on earth originated from beyond? ~ link

THE BLACK PANTHERS were the "true pioneers of the modern pro-gun movement." No, this isn't a bunch of anti-gun rhetoric but a fascinating historical overview of the the ironies and contradictions of gun rights in the history of the US. ~ The Atlantic

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