Wednesday, August 17

Update on Robyn

IT WAS A WEEK AGO today that our niece Robyn Bickerton rolled her car seven times along Highway 101 in Santa Barbara. There are some amazing miracles associated with her rescue and treatment. She remains in an induced coma in ICU with severe brain trauma but there are many signs of hope for her recovery. Thank you to all who have been joining us in prayer for her healing.

Robyn is a wonderful young woman, full of the Holy Spirit, and gifted in compassion. She is a senior at Westmont College. If you are interested in joining the Facebook group set-up for updates and prayer prompts go to:

This evening, Melanie, Robyn's twin sister, sent this down the pipe -- 
The doctors say Robyn is doing good : ) they have two kinds of meds that have been working to lower her brain pressure. PTL! She will have a head ct scan tonight after midnight and that will tell us for sure how her swelling is doing. Please pray for positive results! Also, since she first got to the hospital there has been a machine that has cooled her body temp so that her brain doesn't get aggravated as easily. They tried earlier today to take her off it but she didn't react well. They are going to try again in the next hour, so please pray that her body responses well! Thank you thank you for your continued prayers. I thank the Lord for the miracles He's already worked in Robyn's healing and pray that He continue to do so.

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Carol Noren Johnson said...

Continuing to pray, Pastor Brad.