Friday, July 11

Fantastic Fire Department

As I was out running errands on my bike this morning I noticed a fire truck at one of the child care businesses in Laveen. That either means someone is in trouble or that a lot of kids are having great fun. I took a second look and saw kids in firefighting gear shooting water from a hose.

Then I realized that it wasn't one of our local engine companies. I looked even closer and figured out that it's a private business that owns a refurbished engine that they take to schools and parties.

I stopped to take a few pictures. Children were climbing through the truck -- turning on the siren -- putting on gear -- hooking up hoses -- and listening to prerecorded fire safety songs blaring out of the on board sound system. What a wonderful business -- entertaining and educational. And it all looks top quality.

Fantastic Fire Department is based in Phoenix but they've apparently expanded into South Florida.

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