Wednesday, July 20

Indian Fig

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The birds have long been at it but I've finally harvested my first tuna (fruit) from our huge Indian Fig (Opuntia ficus-indica) at Boydston Manor. They do require special handling to avoid the glochid tufts (spines). But it is easy enough slice the skin off the tuna.

The tuna has a pleasant fruity flavor -- perhaps a cross between a strawberry and a fig. The texture reminds me of a kiwi and like the kiwi there are plenty of seeds. But they are easily separated from the fruit in your mouth.

Ideally I would allow the fruit to ripen more before harvesting. But the birds have been aggressive.

I planted this Indian Fig from a paddle cutting I got from someone six years ago and this is the first year it has fruited. If anyone would like a cutting I'm happy to share. This cactus is native to central Mexico.

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