Wednesday, April 10

Go go mango

Even when we lived on Guam, I don't remember any of my mango experiments taking off the way this one has. I planted the seed four days ago and it is now 5 inches (12.5 cm) tall. When I planted this Manila Mango in the grow bag there was a slight root bulge but no stem.

Here is how I start mangos --

  1. Find one that you like in the store.
  2. Eat it and save the pit, removing as much of the flesh as you can.
  3. Set the pit on a plate to dry.
  4. Once the pit is dry, carefully cut around the edges of the shell. I often use wire cutters or sometimes pruning shears. (It's okay if the pit looks a little gross.)
  5. Gently pry open the pit and remove the seed from the shell.
  6. Continue to be gentle as you wrap the seed in a damp (but not soggy) paper towel.
  7. Put the damp paper towel and seed into a plastic sandwich bag. Leave it on the table next to your favorite chair and check it every few days for signs of growth.
  8. Once the seed looks like it is about to push out roots, place it with the root bulge facing down on top of the potting soil.
  9. Cover the seed with about half an inch of loose soil.
  10. Place your pot with the seed in a sunny and warm spot.
  11. Water. (I added some organic Neptune's Harvest FS118 Fish & Seaweed Blend Fertilizer 2-3-1 to the water but I think the real reason why this mango shot up so rapidly was the warm and damp South Florida spring weather.)

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