Sunday, June 12

Affirmation of Faith

This is an affirmation of faith that I wrote for use today, Trinity Sunday 2022, in our Sunday morning chapel service at Covenant Living of Florida.

We believe in the One God, who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He created us in his image so that we might participate in his eternal fellowship and share in the care of his creation.

This unique relationship unraveled as we pursued lives independent from him. As a result, sin, chaos, and death entered the world. God then graciously implemented his plan of restoration and reconciliation. This plan reached its apex
in the incarnation,
in the teaching,
in the sacrificial death,
and the victorious resurrection of his only Son, Christ Jesus.

Jesus now summons his redeemed people to act in faith and fulfill their purpose by participating with him in his mission of reconciliation.

The Spirit accompanies all Christians -- believers with diverse gifts and from diverse cultures. He empowers us to live in radical harmony with each other while we invite the entire world to embrace Jesus,
his approach to life,
his kingdom agenda,
and the hope which accompanies his good news.

This we affirm as our faith and our mission.

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