Saturday, January 1

It wasn't a bad ending. Cheryl and I stayed up to watch Spiderman 2... Stats of note: I paid $1.779 for gas yesterday -- possibly the lowest of 2004... the sitemeter continues to spin, riding the tsunami wave -- 32,000 visitors to this site yesterday -- although we had dropped to the #3 google spot for "tsunami" and "video." That, too, was obviously a record. Might as well go out with a bang.

The sun is trying to break through to make a 2005 appearance. It looks like more rain in the forecast for the Central Valley of California (at least it's not fog). I awoke to the sound of birds this morning and have been watching the jays and the doves fighting over places on the cactus next to the bird bath in the backyard. It's all a blessing.

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