Friday, February 18

There is a subplot in the current Anglican Communion controversy. How is the church to function in the wake of the Council of Nicea (AD 325)? One of the issues that no one seems to really address in their squabbles over over-lapping jurisdictions is the nature of the church itself. Even though the Anglicans will tell you that they do not believe they are the totality of the church they carry out their discussion and make their decisions as though that were the case -- as though the Roman Catholics, the Orthodox, the Lutherans, etc. etc. simply did not exist. If the so called new over-lapping jurisdictions are scandalous in light of Nicea, how much more so that the church catholic is already fractured into a million independent jurisdictions. The downside of the Reformation wasn't so much that we Protestants left the Pope behind but that we replaced him with a multitude of independent popes.

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