Monday, February 7

In case people were up and walking in front of the television during the commercial break yesterday (how inconsiderate!) or if you sat out by the pool and patio fire during the entire second half (as did I), you can still see the commercials.

A lot of the pundits are saying that they lacked luster this year and that the game overshadowed the commercials (imagine that!). But I thought they were pretty good. I liked the P. Diddy Diet-Pepsi truck trend as cultural commentary. The timing and facial expressions in the Bud Light parachuting commercial were priceless. The Budweiser zoo commercial made me smile. The most clever of the "banned" commercials was the Budweiser wardrobe malfunction. The two Ameriquest commercials made me chuckle. But the most memorable was the Anheuser Busch ad thanking the troops.

And your favorites were?

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