Friday, March 4

Yesterday was my birthday -- a pretty low-key event, as I prefer. However, Cheryl and I did go last night to the Pitman High School production of Alice in Wonderland. It was wonderful and fun. Betsy was playing in the band. Then we went out to eat.

I was given several great birthday presents -- including headphones, a birding book, and a special grill rack for the BBQ. But the thing which captured my imagination was a funny little very low-tech device that Cheryl gave me -- an avocado/mango peeler (looks
like a table knife that is slightly bent at the end). It's interesting how certain things grab me. Perhaps it's the simplicity of it or just the association with the act of eating avocados and mangos. Or maybe it's that I had gone to the grocery store in the afternoon to buy some key limes and ended up buying the first mango of the season. Convergence! Cheryl knew that I'd enjoy it even if it's a simple little thing. It's that kind of knowledge that is the greatest gift.

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