Thursday, December 1

Jesus and the Elves
Dan has posted a copy of John Leo's contemporary classic Jesus and the Elves -- always worth revisiting at this time of the year.

Following the Star
Advent devo now online -- from the people who bring us d365.

Worth noting
Angie Ward's post, "Who Really Needs Church? Coping with the Death of Ecclesiology."

Jason Furman has written an article (.pdf) which shows how Wal-Mart's pricing and employment policies save American consumers an estimated $268 billion per year, provide more and better paying jobs than they eliminate, and benefit the poor. BTW, Furman, currently visiting scholar at New York University, was a former advisor to President Clinton and Sen. John Kerry (IOW, not the poster child for conservative economics and big business).

Alpha leader becomes bishop
Sandy Miller, one of the developers of the Alpha course, has been consecrated as an Anglican bishop -- except it was in Uganda -- not London. It's all a part of the realignment in the Anglican Communion. We have not yet begun to grasp how strong the African church is right now and how much it will influence Christianity in the rest of the world.
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