Thursday, May 4


...At the University of Houston only 9% of undergraduates earn their degrees in four years. Now they've got a plan to speed things up -- tuition rebates totally up to $3,000 for students who earn their bachelor's degree in four year.

...I drove by the San Luis Reservoir yesterday and I can't remember ever seeing it so full -- right up to the top water line.

...A new study has discovered a correlation between the ability of elderly people to walk a quarter-mile and whether they'd be alive six years later and how much illness and disability they would endure.

...Useful: Firefox browser tab that runs sites intended for IE.

...Wal-Mart plans to start selling build-your-own-computer components. With the cost of already built computers so low, my questions is, why? Most Wal-Mart shoppers are not going to be of the sort who have the time, energy, or know how to build their own. And Wal-Mart would have to do a major job of underselling the existing distributors who already seem to be offering dirt cheap components.
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