Wednesday, May 10


...Younger buyers are coveting "grandpa cars."

...Spotted at Costco -- at least three Spanish language versions of the Bible -- stacks of them. That tells you something about the demographics.

..."Sometimes my own messages send signals that I don't mean to send, but stirs up anxieties in the Muslim world..." -- President George W Bush, who is apparently growing wiser.

...San Francisco's growing reputation for intolerance.

...Half of all new US teachers quit within their first five years -- poor working conditions and low salaries. Of those who hang in there, "today's average teacher is a married, 43-year-old white woman who is religious."

...New study: Indoor ionic air purifiers emit ozone as a byproduct of the ionization process -- causing indoor smog. Investors must not believe it. Stock for the Sharper Image (a leading distributor of such purifiers) was up slightly yesterday.
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