Wednesday, May 17


Free Skype calls...Skype is attempting to respond to AOL's offer to give free-use phone numbers to all of their instant messaging customers by offering free Skype-to-any-phone in Canada or US calls -- at least through 2006. Calls must originate from a Skype enabled computer in the US or Canada. Worldwide computer to computer calls are still free, too. (I'm a user and I love it.) My suspicion is that we ain't seen nothin', yet. Things are just now getting competitive.

...Google Notebook actually seems to be working now. (I couldn't get it to come up the other day when it was released.) Very slick.

...The Pitman High bands had their spring concert last night. Terrific as usual. High point was a piece written and conducted by junior Richey Winkler in honor of band director Steve Matthews, who is taking a new job in Missouri.

...Drunken student climbs tree, falls asleep 100 feet up, eventually awakens to the reality of his situation. What did doltish people do before cell phones?

...Betsy in the news -- "track star"
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