Friday, June 16

The Grand Rapids experience

Big Boy logo...I had not been to a Big Boys restaurant since I lived in San Jose (30 years ago) so I took advantage of the fact that there is one located a couple of blocks from where we are meeting. The hamburger still tastes the same. I skipped the milkshake, though (trying to keep myself from looking too much like the Big Boy).

...It seems that every coffee cafe and sandwich shop in downtown Grand Rapids has free wireless (including Big Boys).

...The Covenant isn't the only church body in town this week. The Christian Reformed Church has been having their synodical meeting. They've been squabbling over the role of women -- whether they can be ministers -- or even delegates.

...This year the Covenant is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the decision to not prevent the ordination of women. It had never been prohibited -- just never done (although there were women ordained for missionary service in the early 20th century). So 30 years ago after some biblical reflection the denomination decided that there was no reason to not ordain women -- and lots of reasons to do so.
Covenant annual meeting logo
...I participated in the ordination service this evening. We ordained 40 new ministers and commissioned three -- 14 of which were women.

...Grand Rapids has been a positive experience. Wonderful city -- friendly and helpful people. Interesting downtown. Unfortunately only about 200 of our approximately 745 churches sent representatives. Somehow the system will have to change since churches don't see annual meeting connections as a priority. It's hard to make decisions with broad ownership with such a pathetic showing.

...I paid $2.799 for gas here.

...The alarm on one of the vehicles in the motel parking lot continues to sound. Annoying.

...I'm pooped -- ready to get home tomorrow night -- preach Sunday morning -- then head to San Diego Sunday afternoon for Kirk's graduation on Monday morning.
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