Thursday, June 22

"Prestige" for sale

Regent International University, an unaccredited institution of questionable legitimacy in Florida, is offering honorary doctorates on eBay. From the description on Regent International Universitytheir website:

An honorary degree (bachelors, masters or doctorate) is entirely legitimate and the title conferred may be used like any other. The degree is awarded to those who have demonstrated a Honoris Causa , or cause to be honored. For a small "support honorarium" (donation) to the University you may participate in our Honorary Degree Program.

The owner of an Honorary Doctorate is given the legal right to use "Doctor" before his or her name.

YOUR Honorary Doctorate or Honoris Causa as it is officially known would carry the same title, "Doctor" that's used for a regular (earned) degree.

Prestige is guaranteed. Just check into a hotel, restaurant, conference etc... as "John Doe" and as "Dr. John Doe". The way you'll be treated is tremendously different! Your life as a Doctor will change dramatically. It will get easier, you will receive the amount of respect a Doctor deserves in his or her professional and personal life. The advantages are countless. Think about it for a moment.

I hate to break the news but pretty much no one out there gives a rip about doctoral titles. There is no "prestige". There is no "honor" -- even for earned doctorates.
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