Friday, June 23


Harriet -- world's oldest creature...A 176-year-old tortoise named Harriet was until yesterday the oldest known living creature on earth.

...Can Mexico City become a livable city?

...I had lunch yesterday with Sean Curtis, who will become the transitional pastor at Cornerstone on July 1st. It makes it a whole lot easier to leave knowing that there is a warm and gifted pastor at the helm while the congregation starts the process of finding a more permanent replacement.

...Americans are more socially isolated today than they were 20 years ago.

...The weather forecasters can't agree as to whether it is going to be 105 or 108 degrees today. Either way I'm wearing shorts.

...The USA Today headline "Iraq declares state of emergency" made me wonder what's been going on there for the past few years if they are just now getting around to a "state of emergency."

...Free book: 55 Ways to Have Fun with Google (read it online)

...My online earthquake indicator is showing an unusual number of small and medium size quakes in the Rat Islands (Aleutians), Alaska. A whole lot of shakin' going on up there.
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