Monday, July 3


...We complain endlessly about pennies but 2/3 of all Americans are against "retiring" them. I say keep 'em! Prices will go up without 'em. And really they aren't THAT difficult to manage and use.

...The US Mint has for the first time issued a "gold proof" coin -- a 24-karat gold coin designed to look like a 1913 Indian head-buffalo nickel. But it carries a $50 face value (and sells for $800 -- go figure!). Available July 13th.

...Betsy has a summer job at a fruitstand. At the end of her shift the other night she brought home some peaches that would have been too ripe to sell the next day. Incredible. It's only July and the peaches are coming in so very sweet.

...The results of Sunday's Mexican election won't be known for days -- too close to call.

...When you think of Lutherans you aren't generally thinking of Great Britain. But there is a Lutheran denomination there. My church website of the week belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England (with congregations in England, Scotland and Wales). My guess is that they're Missouri Synod style Lutherans.

...Terry Mattingly sums up the latest development in the Anglican split. The ABC has proposed "a covenant."
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