Wednesday, July 5


New NBA ball...The NBA is introducing a new ball -- and it isn't leather.

...Kent has pictures of his place in Chile.

...Cheryl and I spent the 4th at Mission Springs connecting with lots of old friends. We got back to Turlock in time to watch the university fireworks from the Cornerstone Covenant Church patio and lawn area. However, no one turned off the sprinkler system prior to the show. And yes, soon after the fireworks began -- so did the watering -- which sent a lot of people scrambling. No harm done.

...Kirk is off to San Francisco today for a job fair -- and then an interview tomorrow. Pray.

...North Korea, which likes to rattle its sabers for purposes of self-validation, test-fired a long-range missile that may be capable of reaching America -- but the test failed. Do they really think that they are gaining chips that can be used at the bargaining table? Warped thinking? Or is a red herring for the purpose of maintaining power in a crumbling country?

...A new study has found a correlation between higher high school drop-out rates and the implementation of high school exit exams. The law of unintended consequences.
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