Saturday, July 15


Cruise Ship...Cruise ship chaplains.

...A new single application mouth spray made of genetically-modified bacteria could cut the risk of cavities by up to 90%. It's a little late for some of us.

...New report: There is little difference between the job being done by public and private schools. Furthermore, "The report separated private schools by type, and found that among private-school students, those in Lutheran schools did best, while those in conservative Christian schools did worst. For example, in eighth-grade reading, children in conservative Christian schools did no better than comparable children in public schools." In my mind the categories are a bit confusing. The Lutherans who run schools tend to be conservative Christians (that is, there aren't that many liberal Lutheran schools). The report should have distinguished curriculum type rather than social or theological tendencies. That is the issue.

...It appears that the Episcopal Church is starting to put the squeeze on the out-spoken conservative bishop John-David Schofield, who has indicated that he would like to disaffiliate his Diocese of San Joaquin from the national body.
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