Tuesday, July 18


Retro modesty in swimwear?...Leap into modesty -- retro swimwear. The idea is good. The product isn't very flattering. It needs a little more time on the drawing board. Modest doesn't have to mean uncomely.

...Jerusalem Post: "US President George W. Bush was caught Monday expressing his frustration over the situation in the Middle East, unaware that his words were being picked up by the microphones." This happens so often to Dubya that I'm now beginning to think he does it intentionally. Really. How else could you explain that he so freely utters embarrassing things into open microphones? It's all a ruse to confuse the enemy.

...No need to elaborate on how much we're sweating here in Central California. Everyone around the whole US seems to have a similar weather pattern. I will mention that we were 105 degrees yesterday -- which isn't as bad as it sounds. We have running water and A/C.

...Sometimes the medicine is worse than the disease.

...The Google Calendar has been integrated into the Google personal page. I was using a third party plug-in but it wasn't nearly as slick as this.

...I don't understand why the goat business isn't bigger than it is. I've watched them "work" on the side of the highway -- often in steep inaccessible areas. They're very thorough.

...The top-level employment practices of the California State University system are now under scrutiny by the San Franciso Chronicle, which developed a major piece on similar practices in the University of California system. Noted in the initial article on Monday was the 2004 retirement of the Stanislaus campus president Marvalene Hughes. She retired one day and was then hired the next as interim president for another year at a salary of $204,252. IOW, double-dipping. Marvalene was just taking advantage of what the system offered. It does make you wonder why the system is so generous.
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