Tuesday, July 25


Rusty...As we prepare to leave for Guam we still need a home for our dog, Rusty, and our cat, Tex.

...Scooter sales were up 17% in 2005. Hmmm? I wonder why that is -- with some getting 80 miles per gallon. In most contexts I'd still be chicken. You know that there are pick-up truck drivers who aim at those things.

...The LA Times has a story about college grads suffering from wage stagnation. And it features a man who earns $77,000 a year (!) designing webpages. But he can't go any higher. Two issues: (1) faulty economic expectations -- that the ladder is endlessly high, (2) that college education is primarily about economic development. If you view a college degree as a ticket to financial success rather than personal development, then graduation will be your first disappointment. It's not that there isn't a correlation between education and "earning power" -- it's a matter of focus.

...CHIC was a great success from everything I'm hearing. The music can be found online. I did CHIC in 1972.

...Disney is buying into the Indian entertainment market.

...Is the world turning to Ubuntu?
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