Sunday, August 20

Brown Tree Snake

Dead brown tree snakeI killed my first brown tree snake tonight. It was crawling along the fence in front of the house. After the head was severed and while the remains were still moving, Molly the boonie-dog-in-training decided to confront the beast.

Molly attacks the snakeBrown tree snakes, which were inadvertently imported onto the island at the end of WWII, have done inconceivable damage to the ecosystem and economy here. Nine of the 11 native bird species (along with a host of bats) have disappeared from Guam because of the snakes. Unchecked by the birds and the bats the insects have gotten out of hand -- affecting agricultural production, among other things.

Molly and I are doing our part to restore paradise. However, we probably have our work cutout for us. It is reported that there are 2,000 of these snakes per sq km on the island.
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