Sunday, August 13


Guam Airport...I'm on Guam -- arrived Sunday evening after 18 hours of travel -- connecting through LA and Honolulu. Once the sun rose on Saturday morning, within minutes after take off from Modesto, I had light all the way to Guam. I loved the outdoor garden within the secure area at Honolulu -- where I had a couple hours layover. Dave Owen, along with Charlie and Jan Troxell met me at the airport. I'm staying with Dave and Joyce Owen -- sleeping in a bed I've slept in before. Nine days until Cheryl gets to join me here.

In spite of being on "orange" alert there were no delays or extra security searches at any of the airports. LAX had some unarmed National Guardsmen standing around, apparently to help with searches -- but none were being conducted. The airline employees did remind us continually that we were prohibited from carrying liquids and gels onto the planes. No additional restrictions were in place. I was a bit surprised that I was not targeted for extra searches since I was traveling on a one way ticket.

...Guam is UTC +10 -- which means that 5:30 a.m., Monday morning is the same as 1:30 p.m., Sunday afternoon in California. So, as I write, it's already Monday here. It's nearly first light and the roosters which are so common on Guam are crowing. Because we are 13 degrees north of the Equator we typically have just about 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of dark -- everyday, year round.

...Church website of the week: Mosaic in SoCal -- where Erwin McManus is pastor.

...According to Allstate the top five objects most likely to be stolen from high school and college students: "band instruments, data-processing devices such as laptops and PDA's, sports equipment, MP3 players and accessories, and digital cameras."
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