Tuesday, August 22


...An enduring marketing icon that is as American as baseball and apple pie -- the Weinermobile has turned 70.

...Cheryl should be getting on the plane in Modesto about now. She arrives here in Guam at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday (Guam is 17 hours ahead of California. 5 a.m., Tuesday in California is the same as 10 p.m., Tuesday in Guam).

...They needed extra hands loading mattresses this afternoon so I got to go to the Hilton. PIBC bought 20 of their used beds (mattresses, box-springs, and frames) for the dorms for a total of $400. It wasn't how I had planned to spend the afternoon but flexibility is the name of the game here. It was fun -- but I'm pooped.

...Technically students aren't supposed to arrive for a few days but there aren't enough airline seats from the Micronesian islands to get them to Guam at the last minute. So the campus is starting to come alive as students begin to arrive. It's a good thing that we got those mattresses. We didn't know until this afternoon if they were going to be available.
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