Sunday, September 3


...Cheryl and I both have cell phones now. We're going to see if we can live without a landline. Hers is 671-988-4243 and mine is 671-988-4252. Guam is in the same system as the US mainland so if you're calling from the States or Canada no country code is needed. We are GMT +10. That means, if it is 4 p.m., Sunday afternoon in California, it is 9 a.m., Monday morning in Guam.

...Dave Owen, the president of PIBC, has started a blog.

...Yesterday we worshipped with the Guam United Methodist Church where a fellow Fuller alum, the engaging Daisy Ho, is the pastor. (This is also the church where Cheryl will be the part-time secretary). A couple of things really stand-out about this congregation -- the ethnic and social mix of people and the sense of family all these people have with each other. They have an after-worship eating time each week which is more than coffee and snacks but a little less than a full-blown potluck meal. I suspect that lots of bonding happens there.

...I learned a new word today -- ethnodoxologists. There is even an International Council of Ethnodoxologists.

...Wrestling for Jesus -- No it's not But it could be.

...Church website of the week: Circle of Hope in Philadelphia -- one church -- three congregations formed in cells --about 400 people -- 10 years old. I find their approach intriguing.
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