Wednesday, September 6


...I've put my simple system of sermon preparation handout online. This is a one-page summary of how to go about crafting a simple sermon or Bible talk. I created it for my introduction to preaching students.

...I gave a brief message in chapel yesterday. Dave mentioned it on his blog.

...Lee Buck, the feisty Episcopal Church lay-evangelist has died.

...The BBC website has quite a piece on world population changes. People still seem to be headed into the cities.

...LifeChurch in Edmond, Oklahoma has made the NY Times. Specifically, their online confession site is generating interest.

...Can Wal-Mart take eco-economics mainstream? If they're serious about integrating environmental stewardship into their DNA they could do it. It wouldn't be perfect or totally consistent but it would go a long way in helping us get past the tree-hugger stereotypes.

...The Australian Football season is wrapping up this month. I caught a game on the Australian channel the other day. And I was able to figure out quite a few of the rules just by watching. Fascinating sport.
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