Thursday, September 14


Ann Richards...Ann Richards, the former governor of Texas, died last night. Ann and I were not on the same page politically but I sure enjoyed her style. She was a true Texan.

...Tonight Cheryl and I went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant with a promising sounding name and an appropriate ambiance. But the food tasted like it was prepared by Asians. It was as though someone mailed a menu from Mexico to Guam but the people in the kitchen had never really tasted Mexican food. The Mexican rice was really Chamorro rice (which is good rice unless they're trying to pass it off as Mexican rice) and the beans were served cold -- probably because people in this part of the world don't have much experience with pintos.

Without access to Mexican food, this missionary gig is going to be harder than expected.

...A priest from the Church of England who converted to Hinduism has had his Anglican clergy credentials renewed. Truth is stranger than fiction.

...Kent was invited to a meeting with Michelle Bachelet, the president of Chile. He didn't actually get to talk with her but he does have pictures. Now that's a study abroad experience for a poli-sci major.

...They're going to restore the San Joaquin River -- assuming Congress can do their part.

...His protest was justified but disobeying orders and wearing the uniform was not.
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