Friday, October 13


...I've added new Flickr pictures: -> left column Flickr badge -> Guam Fall 2006 (set). Or, you can just click here.

...Garry Trudeau has a new blog called "The Sandbox." US military people are sharing their experiences and uncensored views of the situation in Iraq.

...LA Times article: "A new book by a former White House official says that President Bush's top political advisors privately ridiculed evangelical supporters as 'nuts' and 'goofy' while embracing them in public and using their votes to help win elections."

Yeah, so what. Some of us ARE nuts! And they're politicians -- two-faced almost by definition. Where's the news?

...QUALCOMM is going to cease commercial development of the Eudora email program. All future versions will be free and based on the same platform as the open source Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

I've been Eudora dependent for years and I'm wondering if this is the end of a great email program or a new and exciting development. I'm apprehensive.

...Sure to make you smile -- a carload of teens sing their order at a McDonald's drive-thru -- GoogleVideo.

...Faster than DSL -- new technology brings copper wiring up to fiber-optic speed (almost).
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