Friday, October 20


...Bookmark: GMBMG -- initiates a Google search that eliminates all of the "affiliate" results. That is, you get cleaner and more to the point results. (via)

...I've put pictures of the PIBC campus construction up on our Guam ministry blog.

...The trend continues -- female domination of the colleges. So, what are the guys doing? Construction? High tech - high paying jobs which don't require college? Not everyone needs to go to college but there are problems that come when we relegate education to one gender or another.

...A billion cell phones will be sold around the world this year -- and that's with less-than-stellar service options.

...Citing the failure of the election commission to follow its own rules in properly certifying the measure, a Guam judge has removed Prop A from the November ballot. The measure, which was initiated by some high profile emergency room physicians, would have raised the drinking age on Guam from 18 to 21. There were people destined to lose a lot of money if it passed.

This fiasco highlights the systemic level of governmental incompetence, as well as the circus atmosphere which goes with politics here. Nothing can be done simply and straightforward. You just never know what's going to happen and nothing ever gets settled. I really doubt that this will be the end of this story.

This is not just a public safety issue but now that it has been established that even moderate drinking among young adults under the age of 21 impairs brain-development it seems that people would get the message. By definition it is impossible for the pre-21 set to drink responsibly. Could it be, though, that the island suffers because so many of the people in public office themselves drank before the age of 21 and are now mentally impaired? I'm just thinking aloud, looking for explanations as to why things are the way they are here. I'm refusing to chalk all of this craziness up to cultural differences.
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