Monday, October 30


Aaron's helicopter...Occasionally, Aaron buzzes the PIBC campus. Everyone gets a kick out of it. His wife, Hollie, is one of the student ministry coordinators.

...We've moved -- again. The amazing thing is that we now have everything in only two places -- some appliances are at PIBC but all of our boxes and furniture are in the duplex. It's so disorganized at the moment that we can barely move about in the rooms. But it's all under one roof. Hopefully we'll have Internet working by this evening.

...I'm pooped. In addition to moving stuff this weekend I preached twice at the Lutheran Church of Guam.

...Scot McKnight was interviewed by Stan Friedman. Scot has a new book on Mary coming out.

...Everett Wilson has a blog. He's always thought provoking.

...Even though Guam is in the Northern Hemisphere and is a part of the US (technically) we don't do the Daylight Savings thing. We're just 13 degrees north of the equator so there isn't much variance in daylight throughout the year -- about 12 hours of light, 12 hours of dark, 12 months a year. IOW, while the rest of the country was trying to reprogram the clocks on their VCR's this weekend we didn't do anything. We are now 18 hours ahead of California time.

...Church website of the week -- The Oasis Church in England.
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