Monday, November 13

Quiz Question

Students in my spiritual formation class tomorrow morning can expect to see
the following question on the surprise quiz:

When Boa says that “Growth in prayer is similar to growth in marriage; just as romantic love alone cannot sustain a marriage for very long, so a relationship with God that is driven solely by feelings becomes shallow and unstable. The quest for fervent experiences and tangible results is the mark of a psychocentric approach to prayer. If we are to mature into theocentric prayer, we must be weaned of our dependence on feelings and press on to purity of intention and will even when positive sensations are absent. We must stop measuring the quality of our times of prayer and meditation by how well we feel during them, since difficult and apparently fruitless times of prayer may contribute more to our development than times of consolation and enthusiasm.” (p. 171, Conformed to His Image) he is suggesting that:

________ prayer is a psychological disorder

________ prayer is confusing

________ prayer that emphasizes feelings is shallow

________ feelings have no place in our prayer life
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