Sunday, November 5


New Life Church logo...Ted Haggard has been removed from helm of the megachurch he started. I don't want to comment on the nature of his sin but I do want to note that the church's systems had enough structural integrity and independence that they were able to remove him from office. This suggests a level of health at the church.

The leadership of New Life Church in Colorado Springs expects to find a replacement by the end of the year. However, such expectations are probably unrealistic -- and even if it were possible they are perhaps rushing things a bit. They need to let the dust settle a little and to give people a chance to heal emotionally. They should wait at least six months -- perhaps as long as a year before choosing a permanent replacement.

...I've added a few new posts to our ministry blog -- our most recent newsletter and a blurb about our on campus bloggers.

...We were supposed to go with Pastor Jeff Johnson (Lutheran Church of Guam) to the prison to help lead worship this evening. But the prison never got around to clearing our applications. So we stayed home.

...I'm opposed to capital punishment -- regardless of how heinous the crime. Hanging Saddam won't solve the problems of Iraq. Nor is there really any justice in that. There are other options. Violence begets more violence.

...Microsoft is giving away accounting software designed for small businesses.
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