Wednesday, November 15


...The weather report says that Turlock can expect fog today. There were only two things that I disliked about living in Turlock -- the lingering bone-aching ground fog during the winter months and the extra layer of dust during the fall almond harvest. All things considered, those are two small things -- but I do thoroughly enjoy the unending fog-free warmth of Guam. And there's not much dust here, either. Although it can get smoky if all of the neighbors decide to burn their garbage at once.

...Two of the historic flagships of evangelicalism within the Episcopal Church, Truro and The Falls Church, are going to vote on leaving the denomination. No real surprise.

...Additional evidence suggesting that chocolate is good for more than the soul. This kind of information should not be taken lightly.

...Handout from my spiritual formation class yesterday -- .pdf file. How to use the Lord's Prayer as a pattern or template for your own prayer activity.
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