Monday, December 4


Yul Goat in Sweden...Researchers are focusing in on the things that people can do to feel happier.

...Childless couples and churchgoers are the happiest people according to a new British study. I'm not even going to try to touch that one.

...Keep an eye on the fortified Christmas goat (webcam link). Apparently he's become quite a target. Think of the propensity to torch him as happiness therapy for Swedish hooligans who would otherwise be suffering from SAD during these long dark days. Even plotting such a thing must increase their levels of happiness.

...Speaking of Swedes and happiness, a new poll indicates that more Swedes trust IKEA than the church. Although, the church does rate higher than the Prime Minister and Coca-Cola.

...Speaking of Swedes and insanity, there are some Americans of Swedish descent who have been trying to keep alive a tradition that involves the consumption of fetid fish. (Does anyone need more of an argument for total depravity?) There are some traditions worth maintaining -- but lutfisk probably isn't one of them. My Swedish friends have told me that most people in the old country gave it up decades ago. But I suppose if eating lye-soaked fish makes you happy... :)

...After 150 years apart there are murmurings regarding a possible remarriage of the RCA and the CRC. That would definitely be an indicator that God is still active amongst the Calvinists! :)

...Salt Lake Theological Seminary is going through a restructuring.

...Aiming to wear down the voters, another initiative to legalize slot machines on Guam has been submitted to the Guam Election Commission.

This island already has enough problems and the establishment of a gambling culture isn't going to fix one of them. To the contrary it will do more harm than good (except for the few business people who'll get rich at the expense of the poor and their children). Guam voters aren't stupid. There isn't even a lottery here. And they've already turned down the last two gambling ballot measures! What is it about NO that you don't understand?
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