Tuesday, December 5


Oski with meg and Betsy
...Meg, a friend of Betsy; Oski the Cal mascot; our daughter Betsy. I assume that this picture has something to do with last Saturday's victory over Stanford.

...Kent, our #2 son, who has been studying in Chile should be in the air about now -- flying back to California, where he'll stay with Kirk (our #1 son) and some friends. All three children will join us on Guam for Christmas. Kent will not be returning to UC Irvine for the winter quarter but he'll be doing an internship in Washington, DC at UCDC. Then in the spring he returns to Irvine.

...Homelessness in paradise -- an estimated 1,000 people live in tents along the 13 miles of beaches on the Waianae Coast of Oahu.

..."The richest 2% of the world owns half of the world's wealth." -- Dan Grech on Marketplace. That's not necessarily a bad thing. It depends on how they got the wealth and what they're doing with it. It is theoretically possible that some really wealthy people might be using what they have to empower and enable others. The possibility doesn't make it any less dangerous, though. Jesus said that it is easier to thread a camel through the eye of a needle than for the rich to have a place in God's enterprise. (Matthew 19:24) Still, there are some who seem to be entrusted with great wealth. That's the tension in it all.

...Has the Wal-Mart model run its course? Or is it just wishful thinking on the part of those annoyed with the machine mentality? I suspect that there is major change in the air because others have adopted the Wal-Mart distribution model. IOW, Wal-Mart is figuring out that it's going to take more than low low prices to compete.

...Durian is still at it -- at least 25 dead in Vietnam.

...Scot McKnight has taken a stab at defining what an "emerging" Christian is. How brave of him!
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