Friday, December 8


Guam jungle...If they're figuring out how to turn prairie grasses into biofuel imagine what they could do on a tropical island where if you cut the grass on Saturday it's ready for harvesting again on Monday. Guam seems to be an ideal place to experiment with fuels. It costs more to import petroleum than elsewhere in the world (thus fuel costs are already outrageously high) and it's a controlled environment. That is, it would be a lot easier to require everyone on the island to switch over to biofuel than to pull that off in a place like California.

...I was listening to some of the Russian programming on KICY tonight -- not that I understood a word they said -- but the music was great.

...There is a volcano on Pagan, an island about 325 miles north of Guam, that is getting ready to erupt.

...The server which hosts the domain will be down for maintenance between 1 and 2 a.m., Saturday (PST).

...Rick Lindholtz has a wonderful new Advent song online.

..."Good Bye Utopia, Hello Luther" -- Uwe Siemon-Netto has a great piece on the relevance of Luther's theology of two kingdoms (.pdf) -- an important discussion to have right now. I'm not sure I agree with Luther on this point. I can live with a lot of tension but at times Luther's two kingdoms theology almost creates a schizophrenic God. I'm still in process on figuring out where to land on the issue. And I think others are, too. So that's why Siemon-Netto's article is good fodder.
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